Bayside Recording offers high quality sound at an affordable price in a comfortable environment. Owner and operator, Nick Smith, is a qualified producer and multi-instrumentalist with over 20 years experience making and producing music. He is a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and thrives on his ability to merge art with his technical skills and training. Our studio is located in the Oceanview area of Norfolk, Virginia just a short walk from the Chesapeake Bay. The studio space offers a great sounding live room and control room that have both been carefully designed with professional acoustic treatment to ensure an accurate recording and mixing environment. Bayside Recording has taken careful consideration into selecting world class audio production equipment and software as well as a variety of instruments which will all be available for your next music recording project. Contact us through the link above to schedule a session today!


Tracking – $40 per hour

Mixing – $125 per song

Mastering – $40 per song

Audio Samples

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Studio Gallery

Gear List

System – Mac System with 32GB ram running Studio One 4 Pro

Monitoring – Yamaha HS80 mains, Yamaha HS8S subwoofer

Preamps/Interface/Controllers/Hardware – Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII, Focusrite Scarlett Octo Pre, Softube Console 1, Presonus Faderport, TC Electronic M-One XL

Microphones/DI -3 sennheiser 604, AKG D112, EV RE320, 3 Shure SM57. 2 Audix F15, 2 MXL 603, MXL 990, Shure SM58. Countryman Type 85 Active DI, Radial DI.

Plugins – Premium selections from Waves and Universal Audio, Sound Toys Bundle, Ozone 9 Mastering Suite. Neural DSP Fortin Cali, Ampeg B15 and SVT plugins from UA and Brainworks, Toontracks Superior Drummer 3.0, and more!

Instruments, amps, pedals – Ludwig American Maple Classic Drum Kit, Wurlitzer Upright Piano, Roland TD17KVX Electronic Drum Kit, Gibson Les Paul Studio with humbuckers, Jackson Electric Guitar with Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickups, Fender American P bass and Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass both with Duncan Quarter Pounder Pickups. Ephiphone Les Paul Custom, and an Epiphone ES339. Fender American Pro Jazzmaster with Mastery Bridge. Fender acoustic guitar. Fender Strat with Seymour Duncan David Gilmour set of Pickups

Peavey 5150 II amp head with Mesa Vertical 2×12, Fender Rumble bass amp. Supro Tremoverb amp for cleans or running pedals, boss katana 50 mkII. Many effects pedals available for use as well from Boss, Xotic effects, Fulltone, Earthquaker, line 6, and ElectroHarmonix.